How to Repair Sony Wega TV Trinitron2020

How to Repair Sony Wega TV 


Friends I Shahbaz welcome you at Electric Point
in this video i will show you to repair Sony Wega CRT YV
this TV is faulty and only blinking red indicator light four times
so in this video you will learn why this red light in blinking 4 times
so lets start the video
firstly transformer, with rectifier diode, will convert AC voltage 46V DC
on stand-by condition diode will have 46 voltage
but on 'ON' condition diode will 132 V
But TV is still receiving 46V when it is on 'ON' condition
this blinking red light indicated that the TV circuit is open from somewhere
thats the reason TV voltage is dropping from 132V to 46V
lets check from where the circuit is open
transistor and EST are not receiving the voltage from rectifier diode
so we will check our circuit before EST
there is a crack in circuit plate
it provide hinderance of voltage to EST
lets attach a shunt through this crack

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