How to fix the electric motor start key 2020

How to fix the electric motor start key 2020

okay I have a little problem with this
motor here so let's see what its gonna
do okay so what's our problem with it
well the things probably got a bad start
switch that would be my guess
normally I just throw this motor away in
the field I don't have time to fool
these things so I can't get parts for
them or anything but this is something
I'm doing at home so I thought I'd take
this thing apart we'll see if we can
figure out what has happened to it
if we can get it going again here's the
motor apart this is the end bell with
the start switch here I've disconnected
these wires and of course I photographed
them so that I can get them back on the
right terminals so let's see if we can
figure out what's happening looking
inside this motor this is what I found
now this looks like cement dust to me
okay that's probably what got inside the
centrifugal switch contacts so I'm going
to blow this out of here well one of the
first things I'm gonna do is I want to
protect this bearing so I'm gonna put
some tape around that bearing so that I
don't get of any of it inside the
bearing itself looking at it now that's
made a lot of difference now here's a
look at these contacts you can see them
right there now normally they're like
that when the motors off and they're
closed and then when the motor speeds up
it opens and drops out to start winding
now what I wanted to damage
straight and I'm gonna show you the
meter is these things are making contact
so when I close them I don't get a zero
reading on my own meter now here I'm
going to check those contacts with a
meter the leads are good the meters good
but when I close these contacts nothing
happens so they're not making contact in
there and my bet is that cement dust has
blocked the contacts now I've tried
running paper through the contacts and
see if I could clean it up there a
little bit of cardboard that those are
standard things I would do I don't like
to use abrasives on this because these
are just plated and if you file them
you'll file right through that plating
but I wasn't getting anywhere so here's
what I did
so I have a disc of 1200 sandpaper very
very fine and I thought well maybe if I
use this and do a light scratching on it
it won't go through the plating so let's

see what happens
I'm not putting very much pressure on
this at all okay I'm gonna leave it at
and let's see what happens
okay it's working every time now if I am
very lucky I fixed it and we'll get this
thing back together after a few swear
words and and so on
I got all the wires back on of course
I'm using my camera to make sure I got
it right all I got to do now is get this
back on and tighten it up okay a few
more swear words and I think we're gonna
be able to get the screws to pull it in
the rest of the way and we'll fire it up
and see what happens
here we are put it all back together and
let's see if it works
it's like downtown
so do I get another 20 years out of this
well I don't know the last one went
almost 40 so yeah it is working I don't
know if that switch is going to stay in
operation because I did have to use
abrasive to clean it but it is working
every time that's it on this one

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